Beta Detox

Detoxifying supplement with no adverse effects

Beta DETOX is a product that improves liver function; while at the same time exerting beneficial effects on the rest of the body.

The liver is considered the body’s greatest lab because of all the processes it performs. It plays a major role in energy storage and generation of the metabolism, elimination of alcohol, toxins and medications, production of protein and fats required by the body. It is also a very important part of the immune system. More than 400 vital functions are attributed to the liver; however it is a very sensitive organ and can be harmed by a number of factors like a poor diet, alcohol consumption, the elaboration processes of certain products, conservatives, stress, medications, etc.

VIVE + NICE created Beta DETOX, a nutraceutical containing Silybum marianum, Artichoke, Barberry Root and other elements that optimize the DETOXIFYING processes of the entire body and favor liver regeneration acting as activators of its metabolic processes and antioxidants.

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The liver and digestive system work as a team in the elimination of toxins which make the liver a great ally for losing weight. In addition to all the advantages of Beta DETOX on its own, when taken in combination with Delta FIT, its weight control effect is accelerated offering better results.
Adults and Children over 15 years of age especially those suffering from a liver condition, obesity, taking multiple medications or with toxicity problems.
Bottle with 60 capsules

Directions for Use
Take 2 capsules with dinner.